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Asset Allocation Business Manager

【Job Responsibilities】

1. Research on wealth management market trends and develop fund-raising channels, especially with experience in selling equity funds and sunshine private equity products.

2. Understand channel demand, customize product solutions, determine channel business terms and product elements, and complete product projects.

3. Build and maintain a in-depth relationship with channel such as continuous roadshow and post-investment communication to provide high quality services.

4. In-depth knowledge of investment strategies, maintain excellent post-investment communication and relationship, and follow-up on the performance of different trading strategies.

5. Through channel development to complete the company's new scale growth tasks and other work as required.


【Job Requirements】

1. Graduated from 985, 211 or overseas well-known universities, majoring in finance, economy, investment, law, accounting or other related majors;

2. 2-3 years of fund-raising experience, with high-quality third-party wealth channel resources is preferred;

3. Good financial knowledge of domestic primary and secondary markets. Familiar with various trading strategies in secondary markets. Deep thoughts about the industry;

4. CFA, CPA, JD or other qualification certificates is preferred;

5. Outgoing, proactive, strong self-driven, excellent communication and coordination skills.


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