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Company Profile

Olympus Hedge Fund Co., Ltd. was established in November 2014 with a paid-up registered capital of RMB 125 million. Currently OHFI (including its holding subsidiaries) has more than 80+ employees and The company is headquartered in Shannan Fund Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and has offices in Xianghu, Shanghai, Beijing and Sanya for different functional departments such as research and trading teams. In February 2019, the company was registered as one of the first three private asset allocation fund managers at the Asset Management Association of China and issued the first private asset allocation fund in China.

Dayton and.png

DH Holdings Ltd. mainly invests in three holding subsidiaries: DH Fund Management, OHFI and DH Industrial Investment. While focusing on business development, DH Holdings has also initiated a charitable foundation as well. Founded in March 2011, DH Fund Management(Private Equity Registration ID: P1000501) is a local grown global macro hedge fund manager that dedicated to domestic and international capital market. Over the years, the company has gradually established a multi-asset allocation approach which includes a mix of equities, bonds, commodities and etc. DH Fund Management also uses different financial instruments such as spot, futures, options and OTC derivative to enhance its multi-strategy capability. Based on that, the company has formed three series of private equity products including macro hedging, multi-asset portfolio and systematic multi-strategy . Strive to building a client-centered top-tier asset management firm, DH Capital Management has established a comprehensive operation system which is consist of front, middle and back office, covering research, infrastructure construction, marketing and sales, compliance and risk, human resources and financial support.

Paradise Silicon Valley.png

Founded in November 2000, HEAVEN-SENT Capital Management Group is among the first private fund managers established in China; it has been awarded as one of the top 10 private equity fund manager in China, one of the top 10 most innovative fund manager, and one of the top 3 best industrial investment fund manger. The company was established by four controlling shareholders: Silicon Valley Paradise (833044), Qianjiang Water Conservancy (600283), Zhejiang East (600120), Minfeng Special Paper (600235) and two other shareholders. With a paid-up capital of RMB 1.2 billion, the company is headquartered in Hangzhou and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. As one of the first 50 private investment fund managers in China, HEAVEN-SENT Capital adheres to the business philosophy of "investor first, value investment and industry focus" - focusing on equity investment in four key industries: information technology, intelligent manufacturing, healthcare and consumer retail. As of December 2021, the company and its managed funds have completed over 200 investments, and 45 of its portfolio companies have been listed on A-share or Hong Kong stock exchanges.

Wing On Futures.png

Founded in September 1992, Yongan Futures is a state-controlled professional futures company with a registered capital of RMB 1.45 billion and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SH:600927) on December 23, 2021. The controlling shareholder of Yongan is Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance along with other five holding shareholders: Caitong Securities, Zhejiang Province Industrial Fund, Zhejiang Orient Financial Holding, Zhejiang Province Economic Construction Investment Co. and Zhejiang Provincial Financial Holding Co..

Yongan’s business scope is consist of commodity futures brokerage, financial futures brokerage, futures investment consulting, asset management and fund sales. With the strategic goal of becoming a commodity investment bank, asset allocation specialist and industry-financial resource integrator, Yongan is committed to building an industry-leading unique derivatives investment bank.


October 2014

Jointly funded by DH Holdings, Yongan Futures and Paradise Silicon Valley with a paid-up registered capital of 125 million RMB.

July 2018

Started from hedge fund manager incubation and set up nearly ten subsidiaries, OHFI was specialized in fundamental quantitative futures, absolute return, CTA, FOF, low latency quantitative proprietary trading and options volatility arbitrage.

January 2019

Renamed Chinese name due to business diversification.

February 2019

Registered as one of the first three private asset allocation fund managers at AMAC.

July 2019

Issued the first private asset allocation fund in China.

July 2020

Issued five private asset allocation funds, ranking first in terms of number of issues.

 November 2021

Approved as a Qualified Domestic Limited Partner (QDLP) in Hainan Province, becoming the ONLY private asset allocation fund manager with QDLP qualification.


Increase the registered capital to 125 million yuan


The company changed its name to Zhejiang Yuhuang Shannan Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd.


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